Free Study Materials on the Internet

The exams are made up of questions taken from official question pools. These pools can be found at . In the left-hand column, click on the pool that you want. Each pool is available in three formats: MS Word, PDF, and Text. The MS Word and PDF version include the Graphic Figures. The text version does not include the Graphic Figures; you must download the separate Graphics file.

Which format to choose? The MS Word and text versions can be edited to remove all the wrong answers so that you can concentrate on the correct answers. This also saves paper if you print it. With the Word version, you can leave all four answers to each question, but highlight the correct one. The text and PDF versions will work on all computing platforms. I recommend downloading to a portable computing device (laptop, Ipad, etc.) and studying from that device.

Also see the No-Nonsense Study Guides at . These Guides explain amateur radio and give the answers to the exam questions in a conversational fashion. Shown in bold type are phrases in the answers to questions in the exams.

Two good study sites are:

Ham Academy:

Kid-friendly version for Technician:

Both sites let you concentrate your study on subjects where you are weak. Both sites let you download study material including audio files so that you can study off-line. In addition, Ham Academy will keep track of which questions you miss and ask you these more frequently until you learn them. also has practice exams.