Field Day 2005

in Pahrump, NV

The Southern Nye County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) conducted an amateur radio Field Day on June 25 and 26, 2005. The location was the Emergency Operations Center of the Nye County Office of Emergency Management, located in the old County Building on SR160 in Pahrump, NV.

HF Transceivers were set up inside the open garage door and in the office area (inside the building on the right). At the extreme left is a vertical HF antenna. The portable stand and pole near the garage door held up an inverted-V and one end of a long-wire antenna. Next to the white van is our gasoline-powered generator for emergency power. The permament tower at the right corner of the building supports the amateur VHF/UHF vertical, and another long-wire extending over the building roof. For this Field Day, the long-wire antenna was used, but the VHF/UHF antenna was not.

The other end of the long-wire antenna.

Jim Tully N7ENB

Craig Stewart KF6SD. Edna Tully in the background.

Frank Heyer K6HOX

Richard Gamble K7RTG and Dick Grady AC7EL. Grady is operating with the PSK31 digital mode.

The "Get on the Air" (GOTA) station, set up in the park across the drive from the EOC, next to the swimming pool. Operators were Jerry Fuge K6ILH (seated) and Ken Bales AC7ES.

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